Categories include, Fire Alarm Systems, Voice Evac& Mass Notification Systems, Nurse Call Systems, Intercom Systems, Door Monitoring Systems, and Delayed Egress Magnetic Lock Systems.

Nurse Call Systems:

With the resources of systems like Jeron’sProvider Series.Care Specialties is able to customize a Nurse Call System to fit the needs of any facility. From a small clinic status system to a multi-department network system, Care Specialties clients have relied on our company’s knowledge and expertise to provide the right solution for their facility. These nurse call applications have included medical clinics, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, and hospitals large and small.

If you need pocket paging, wireless phones, real time tracking, Executive Information, HL7/ADT patient information, or bed management we can handle your needs.

Nurse Call Systems

Fire Alarm Systems:

Care Specialties is a distributor of fire detection systems. We regularly send our engineers, installers, and service technicians to product training classes offered by the manufacturers to ensure that our clients get the best installation, service, and technical support available for their fire detection systems.

Care Specialties supports leading manufacturers that allow us to provide a wide range of fire detection solutions. We can offer your facility fire detection systems from a single zone conventional system to campus wide network addressable fire detection solution. Also if you need Mass Notification & Voice Evac we can provide the proper equipment. Mass notification systems offer the ability to contact hundreds or thousands of people in a timely manner with time critical information. Emergency information may include weather notifications, terrorist threat information, or scheduling changes for the facility or campus operating the system. Information may be transmitted to people using a variety of mediums including telephones, intercom, outdoor public address, cell phones, text messaging, and digital sign boards.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

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